About Us

We are an old-school arcade with a modern twist located inside the city limits of Marshfield, MO, on the Marshfield Community Center Campus in the East Wing! RetroZone Arcade provides a retro environment for your next day of fun and celebration! We have games and entertainment for young and old alike!

Enjoy our lineup of classic favorites like Space Invaders, Centipede, and Mortal Kombat. We are beginning small but hoping to expand with your interest! Come enjoy our facility so that we can add more for you!

If arcade games are brand new to you, step back in time to a world of quarter games, Coca-Cola, and neon lights. Our entry fee is $5 per person. You don’t have to worry about bringing rolls of quarters here; a portion of our games are free play, and a few are quarter play.

Our Hours

Fri: 4p-9p
Sat: 4p-9p
Sun: Reserved for Parties
Mon: 1p-9p